Capri: Dreaming

Location: Capri, Italy 
Thoughts & Places
I was sprinting barefoot at 3 am down the cobblestone stairways of Capri, the sky blanketed in stars and the smell of the seawater and taste of gelato all lingering. 
 How did I get here? The thought came as an overwhelming emotion of wonder, with the weeks events re-playing in my head. 
It was one of those moments, when reality hits and grounds the dream your mind is entertaining. I had been living in a fantasy the past week, unaware of its own perfection. Long days of sunbathing in the Mediterranean sun to afternoons of people-watching and endless conversations in the Piazza. Time was a concept rather than a reality. I was staying with my best friend in England who happened to be Neapolitan and summered in Capri. We had been planning this week the entire year, always a distant excitement. My impatience and active lifestyle melted in the Italian heat to an existence where night and day were one. I was forced to live fully in the present moment. I was hidden from social media and the rest of the world, on the most beautiful Island ample in adventure. Every moment felt as if I was stuck in movie, where life seemed to magically work itself out with no problems ever occurring or penetrating my bubble. It was the classic story of the American Girl in Italy, learning and experiencing the richness of European culture. The friendships I made my one week had seem to have had existed for my entire life. My flight from JFK had landed in an alternate universe, a culture opposite to Manhattans intense energy. When I compared this time in Capri, to my vacation last summer in Puglia, I really realized the drastic changes in my life. For one year ago if I had not made the choice to move to England, I wouldn’t have been in Capri. I wouldn’t be living in this dream, none of the experiences would have happened. I was reminded of the amazing potential and experiences that life holds, at the same time feeling a deep gratitude for the fortune and blessings that had brought me there.